PSY Chosen as Best Dressed at MTV VMA

As “Gangnam Style” continues to spread across the world, the very talented artist Psy made an appearance at the MTV VMA in Los Angeles on September 06. Not only did he appear at the VMA but he also performed with The Wanted!

Not only has he gained attention for his unique song but he also gained the title as one of the best dressed at the VMA. Billboard stated, “Gangnam Style” may be a little silly, but there was nothing funny about K-pop star Psy’s VMA look. His striped red carpet suit and wing-tipped oxfords made for a classic look. But later, when Psy performed a bit from his signature hit with VMA host Kevin hart, his powder blue blazer and sleek shades showed the fun-loving personality that comes through in his song.”

Psy was awarded this title along with other popular artist such as: Miley Cyrus, Rihanna and much more.

Source: Billboard

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