Lena Park is Back with Sweet featuring Verbal Jint


Lena back is back with her second album “Syncrofusion”. In her title track “Sweet” she slowed it down with a soft R&B vibe to it. In this album Lena Park collaborated with various artist but with each artist the song has a different vibe to it.

LENA PARK’s second ‘SYNCROFUSION’ album and ‘Syncrofusion LENA PARK + Brand New Music’ was finally unveiled October 21st. ‘SYNCROFUSION’ is a series of collaborations of LENA PARK and the artist she’s been wanting to work with, in various genres she’s been meaning to try.

It is a syncrofusion of unique colors of all kinds of musicians and genres. The title song “Sweet(Brand New Mix, feat. Verbal Jint)” is a fusion of LENA’s previously released song with a whole new genre. The collaboration of Korea’s number one diva and the hottest hiphop musician Verbal Jint created a controversy.

The original song is on LENA’s 2007 6th full-length album “Come To Where I Am” and has been covered by J Rabbit and many other fellow artists. With Verbal Jint, “Sweet” is recreated as a R&B style love song.

Check out the music video below and tell us what you think.

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