How to Join

The Affiliate Program

Asian Americans have never really been recognized in the entertainment industry. However in recent years, with the creations of social media sites,  Asian Americans were able to find an avenue to expose their work to the world. Now they are starting to find their place in entertainment, and are being recognized for their talents.

In working together, we can all bring awareness to the Asian American community to the rest of the world. We will help promote forums, blogs and artists with their activities, and we hope that you will help us as well!

So, want to be an affiliate with lovequakes? Let’s make it happen!

Please send an email to, with the Subject line: Affiliate Request. Tell us the name of your organization, your purpose/mission statement, and your logo or an affiliate button.

That’s it! After that, we’ll send you our information and logo, so you can post us on your affiliates page as well! Can’t wait to work with all of you! Let’s be part of this movement and get these talented artists known!


lovequakes staff

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