Teen Top Releases Teaser For “Rocking”

teentopTeen Top is currently preparing for their comeback. After showing us a fun and festive side with their last title track “Miss Right.” The boys are preparing to show us yet another side to them.  In their next title track “Rocking” or “장난아냐” shows a more masculine and older side to the boys. The teaser features snippets of the boys expressing their passion; whether it be their sorrow or their anger. There are several clips of the boys fighting one another. Continue reading

Bumkey Releases “Attraction”

bumkeyBumkey,  is not a new face in the Korean music scene. He made his official debut as a solo artist with his track “Bad Girl” 2 months ago. Before his debut he  featured on many other artists’ tracks, such as: Infinite H, Tablo, and much more.  Continue reading

2013 Rising Female Rappers

8Fuse TV posted an article on their website discussing the up and coming hip hop female rappers of 2013.  The most known female rappers are Nicki Manji and Azealia Bank. But Fuse TV recently did a global search in hopes to find up and coming female rappers. In their search they found 2ne1’s leader CL and the leader of female hip hop in Korea: Yoon Mirae [Tasha]. Continue reading

Akdong Musician Signs With YG Entertainment

62090-what-is-next-for-akdong-musicianKpop Star Season 2 winners Akdong Musician has officially signed onto YG Entertainment. The reason why it took longer to sign the winners of Kpop Star Season 2 was because the duo are minors. Therefore, their parents must be apart of the negotiations  but their parents are currently living in Mongolia.  Although it took a while for this contract to be created, Mr. YG is more than ecstatic to have this unique duo signed onto his label.

Akdong Musician consist of siblings Lee Chan Hyuk and Lee Soo Hyun. Lee Chan Hyuk is 16 and Lee Soo Hyun is 14 years old. They lived in Mongolia with their parents (their parents are currently their on missions) for two years before moving back to South Korea to pursue their dreams of becoming musicians. The siblings are home schooled and they joined Proteurment, a company that helps amateur singers develop their skills and in August 2012 they audition for Kpop Star Season 2, ultimately claiming the number 1 spot.  Continue reading