Epik High “Don’t Hate Me” MV Released

After a three years ups and down of hiatus the talented group, Epik High, is making their comeback with their 7th album titled “99.”  At the beginning of this week YG artists have been releasing photos with a sign stating “Don’t Hate Me,” which gained a lot of attention.

Today, on October 19, Epik High released their album digitally as well as their music video for their song “Don’t Hate Me.”  This song  is a mixture of acoustic and rock.  The music video also depicts a playful side of Epik High that all of Epik High fan’s know they have. Check out the music video below and tell us what you think. Continue reading

Tablo’s Controversy Still Not Over?

On October 10, 7 members of the Tajinyo cafe were found guilty and were sentenced to jail minus one defendant who was given a lesser punishment. The justice department dismissed the appeals saying, “The motives were foul and the methods shallow. The victim is still willing to severely punish [the accused].” Seeing that these members were punished a lot of people believed that this ordeal that lasted 3 years have finally come to an end, but the truth is- it hasn’t.  Continue reading