N-Train Releases Teaser For Their Comeback

ntrain_teaser_comebacktome_zps8bf2df7a1N-Train is an idol group consisting of  five members: Jung  Jung Kyun, Song Yu Jin, Jung Seung Hyun, Lee Jong Min, and Kim Sang Woo. The boys made their debut in 2011 with their track “One Last Cry.”  Since their last single “I’ll Forget You,” the group has been on a hitiaus for nine months preparing for their comeback.  Continue reading

Shinee Releases Full MV For “Dream Girl”

SHINee-Dream-Girl-ComebackShinee is back! After taking a short break after their release of Sherlock the boys are returning with their next track titled “Dream Girl.”

Two versions of the music video were released for this song. There is a dance version and the “drama” version. The song is an upbeat lively song which also matches the vibrant colors in the music video. Check out the video below and tell us what you think. Continue reading

Speed Releases Teaser For “Pain the Love of Heart”

20130218_speed_pain-600x330After teasing their fans with a video of their choreography for their comeback, Speed has released the teaser for their follow up song: “Pain the Love of Heart.”

The boys of Speed worked with talented producer Brave Brothers for their latest song. The song has an amazing beat and it seem as though this song will be a catchy song. Check out the teaser below and tell us what you think. Make sure to comeback tomorrow to watch the full music video. Continue reading